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My Mother and Other Stories. Author: Vinay Jalla

Vinay Jalla's bestseller - Warp and Weft

Vinay's debut novel WARP AND WEFT is available worldwide – both in print and digital editions.

I started writing WARP AND WEFT in 2001. Thanks to my grandmother who gave me sufficient material through her anecdotes about her life in the village of Dharmavaram. I concocted a fictitious landscape in my mind and wrote the novel. Even as a child I was fascinated to listen to my grandma’s wonderful tales and bedtime stories. Her stories instilled moral values and have shaped my point of view in life. She is more than a mother to me – ah yes, a grand mother!

Being an ardent fan of the great Indian novelist R K Narayan and his Malgudi, I too decided to set my novel in a fictitious place. Inspired by Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy(one of the longest novels ever published in a single volume in the English language) I aspired to write a long novel. Read more