Power of Social Media

Post date: 23-Dec-2013 21:21:49

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace…it’s a long list. In fact, there are over 200 active social networking platforms all over the world that host zillions of discussions and billions of gigabytes of data!

So what exactly is social media? Well, in simple terms it’s talking to people online. It’s also an amazing internet marketing tool that helps both individuals and businesses to build relationships with their fans and customers, generate leads and even increase sales.

Social media is not only a way to explore new content, but it is also proving to be a major force as to how businesses are searched for and found via the search engines.

Here’s a chart from a survey depicting what motivates real users to connect with and share on social media platforms.

A study conducted by Searchmetrics to know what factors play a role in SEO ranking suggests that seven out of the top eight factors are related to social.

As you can see below with regard to SEO ranking, Google+ is at the top as Google is the world’s largest search engine and of course their social network will be significant in SEO ranking. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are not far behind in the race.

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