6 tips to cure writer’s block

Post date: 18-Jul-2013 11:31:21


The success of my latest novel Warp and Weft has generated a lot of interest from readers all over the world and also a few potential writers. I’ve been asked to provide a few writing tips.

Writers don’t need an excuse not to write. If you want to write, you will. I still don’t understand why this thing called writer’s block is hyped up unnecessarily. Here are some simple tips on how you can motivate yourself to write.

1. A deadline pushes you to write. As a writer, I’ve always needed inspiration to get up and write on a blank sheet of paper or type words on a blank screen on my laptop. The inspiration would only come if there was a deadline to meet. It’s easy with non-fiction because you usually have some sort of factual data to begin with.

2. Writing in small chunks – Writing can be laborious, as it’s a creative process. I’ve found that by strictly following a discipline of writing 1000 words a day (without editing whatsoever) helped me complete my first novel. I would write about 200-250 words as soon as I woke up. After breakfast, I would wander to the park or sit at a quiet corner in the public library, and start penning about 400-600 words. Back at home in the evening I would lazily write another 200 words, sitting on a couch or even watching television.

This way, I achieved my daily quota and wouldn’t fret too much if I missed a day’s work. It was a satisfying experience once I’d finished about 120,000 words in about four months. The second phase was less painful because all I had to do was just edit and refine paragraphs and dialogues. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

3. Read your favourite books to get more inspiration. When you enjoy reading your favourite authors, it fills you up with confidence and urges you to start thinking about your writing.

4. Listen to your favourite music to connect with yourself and feel the emotion when you actually sit down to write. Music transports your mind and opens up new positive possibilities.

5. Rest all your fears about whether it’s going to be published or rejected. Be positive and say to yourself that somebody will definitely like what you’ve written. All you need is a bit of patience and perseverance. Don’t let anything or anybody dampen your spirits. Meanwhile, keep writing other stuff you like.

6. Finally, just drop this thought in your mind: I’m a writer and I enjoy writing. Wear a smile and get your favourite pen and sit down to write.