Fielding holds the key in World Cup

Post date: 20-Jan-2011 12:29:43

THINKING ON HIS FEET:  Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Jonty

With 2011 World Cup being held in the sub-continent, India and Sri Lanka start as favourites and both the teams will thrive in home conditions. Another team that can so easily destroy the opposition is South Africa – known for their exemplary fielding. Their recent performances and dominance in the ODI format pose a threat to other teams. This World Cup is suddenly looking a lot rosier for them.

There are two qualities that separate a good fielder and a brilliant one - alertness and anticipation. You might remember Jonty Rhodes running out Inzamam Ul Haq during the 1992 World Cup. An under-arm throw would have done the job, but Jonty went for something far more spectacular.

Jonty later said: "There was a 50% chance that I'd hit the stumps if I threw, and a 100% chance of hitting the stumps with ball in hand. The fastest way I could cover the last metre and a half was head first."

Jonty will play a part in 2011 World Cup, not as a player, but as a coach for Kenya. Do expect some fireworks on the field from the Kenyans.

The team that will win the World Cup will have to display exceptional fielding, take some outstanding catches, make maximum use of Powerplays, and focus more on bowling at the death. This tournament, as we’ve seen in the past, is clearly not for ‘chokers’.